Digital print on 14-mome silk twill / Hand-rolled and hand-sewn hem / 90 x 90 cm / 35.4 x 35.4 in

Remembering—or not—colors who we are. But how often do we remember what actually happened, how we truly felt? Instead we perceive one thing during the event and another after the fact. We regret and long to forget, but cannot; we strain to recall a place, a hue, a texture, and cannot. But if we can't remember when we'd like to and can't not remember when we'd rather not, we may as well knit together our own abstracted pattern from these swatches of memory and alter it—deliberately—as we please. In this way, weaving and dyeing our own identities moment to moment, we are creating a “textile” that, like us, will never become a finished design. This series began with personal photographs, images that contain a memory that has been willfully manipulated into a 'true fiction' that is somehow preferable to the truth.
Color Test no. 1